UHERI is an inspirational lifestyle blog that provides alternative ways to improve your life. We are all interconnected on our journey, and I believe in order to achieve fulfillment you must: LIVE, BLESS, and PROSPER.

How do you LIVE?

I’ll leave the living up to you. But, if you want to improve your life, steer clear of toxic relationships and unhealthy soul-ties. Identifying someone or something that is healthy for you is simple. The moment they enter your life, they add balance and value to the meaningful areas. Nothing you give in a healthy relationship will return to you void. If a person or job is depleting your resources and energy—leaving you in a deficit—it’s time to do an emotional audit.

They key to living a fulfilling life is stability. The signs of stability don’t always manifest through financial means. It’s knowing who you are; having faith; being firm in your decisions and beliefs; knowing when to let go; and, blessing others.

How do you BLESS?

Giving wholeheartedly and cheerfully. Meeting a need with the overflow of your resources, which could translate into time, money, prayer, food, clothes, or service. You don’t always have to wait for a person to ask. Sometimes it’s a matter of discernment and responding to that nudge in your spirit.

How do you PROSPER?

Doing all of the above. But mostly, taking opportunities that don’t normally present themselves. Making mindful decisions. Staying focused. Believing that you can prosper, then taking steps towards the path that you choose.