I’m always searching for new, unique, and environment-friendly products. I typically go for off-brand labels when shopping for clothes, shoes, and apparel.  Last year,  I was on Groupon and came across these high-top sneakers. There wasn’t much information about them at the time. I’m guessing because they were new on the market. However, I took a chance and purchased a pair. To my surprise, they were freakin’ awesome! These shoes feel like clouds are wrapped around your feet.

Ccilu Footwear are flexible, green, sustainable, low-carbon shoes with a spongy texture.  They mold around your foot giving you all the support you need to run, hike, walk, and jump. To clean them, all you use is plain water. They are extremely absorbent and dry within minutes. And no, I haven’t had any issues with mildew or mold. I will be purchasing another pair or two. I don’t know if these shoes are still available on Groupon. I actually purchased mine from Amazon. Own a pair! Here’s a link to their site:




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