Ode 2 Nature

Oh, the joy of breathing in fresh air! Even if, it’s filled with smog, chemicals, and other pollutants. Sorry, I live in Los Angeles–and some things are beyond my control.

The point is: Being outdoors is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Every few months, I break my exercise regimen, and change workout locations.  I’m currently enjoying the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook or what I like to call ‘stairway to heaven.’ I like to challenge my body, meet new people, revel in a new scenery, and take-in all that nature has to offer. For example, that humongous snake that slithered out of the bushes and onto the trail. I’m not afraid of snakes. I’m just paralyzed with fear when I see one in person. Do be careful running the trails, without full-length pants. If it’s not a snake, lizard, jack rabbit, bee, or skunk–it’s these black minuscule pestilence that stick to my body while I’m working out. On a positive note, I haven’t swallowed one yet or fallen down the stairs (knocking on wood).

Not to ruin the mood, but, whenever I sink into sadness, it’s when I stop being active. It usually doesn’t hit me until I’m 20 pounds overweight, depressed, and sick. I’ve repeated this unhealthy cycle over the last twenty years. Now, exercise has become as routine as showering. I make it a part of my daily life because I need that earth connection. Plus, a little endorphin kick never hurt anyone. If you’re looking to stay calibrated, healthy, and happy, then you’ll love working out in the great outdoors.

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a great place to start. The Overlook’s habitat is being restored, so wildlife is to be expected. Shout out to all the Habitat Restoration Engineers that keep our parks and landmarks beautiful. They’re responsible for the awesome view you see behind me.

Happy Trails!


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