Seeing a Harvest–Before Reaping One

Waiting on God sometimes feels like an eternity.   What do you do when God calls you to wait in a den of lions?

Stay focused. Pray. Believe. Be humble. Prepare.

While you wait, there will be circumstances. Circumstances are older than cockroaches. They have existed since the beginning of time and are a natural occurrence in life. Circumstances don’t cancel out the plan, but they will prolong your purpose if you give in to them.  I can’t begin to explain the trials I’ve faced in the last ten years. Wait a minute–yes I can.  I documented them all in my book By Your Side.  However, I continued to work towards my goals one small step at a time. My only responsibilities in waiting is being attentive and obedient so that I don’t miss out on what God is doing.  We experience spiritual grogginess after people and circumstances have beaten the crap out of us. But continue to press towards the mark.

Many times, God revealed his purpose, and I went left thinking my way was better, faster, and more effective.  As a result, He had to isolate me and snatch my resources so that I would get out of the way. Having faith was the only option. He forced me into obedience.  I said “Yah, what about all of the work I did and sacrifices I made?”  What He revealed in return, is an excerpt from my book that I will share with you.

Preparation: being made ready for use.

Kerri Strug’s gold medal vault in the 1996 Olympics is one of the greatest sports plays in American history. I cry every time I see it. Sometimes, the most difficult sacrifices lead to our greatest accomplishments. Other times, what we believe are sacrifices, are only reasons to keep living.

Why Kerri? Why not, Brandi Chastain, Ali or Magic Johnson? I’ll tell you why. Everyone saw her pain, but no one understood her brokenness—but her.

Millions of people watched the agony of her second attempt—grimacing—as she limped down the runway. Her teammates watched from the sidelines with little expectation of a positive outcome. She stood alone, bearing the emotional burden of her team, country, and years of sacrifice.

Sometimes the human experience calls on a spirit of rebellion to help us through difficult times. Kerri had two choices: concede or take the sacrificial jump. Both could take her down a path of “what might have been.” Facing the death of her career, she attempted that second vault and stuck the landing.

Living out your purpose requires you to be conscious of who you are and where you’re going. Kerri knew what she was doing when she attempted her second vault. She was aware of what was at stake. This wasn’t an unconscious decision.

When you’re in direct line with your purpose, everyone around you will be on the same page. Purpose draws people in to you. No one showed up to Centennial Olympic Stadium unaware of the event that was taking place.

If you ever feel like your life is off course, take a look at your surroundings. Chaos, confusion, and emotional instability are hallmarks that you’re getting off path or need to take a completely different one.

In my personal and professional life, I’ve made sacrifices to the benefit of others that often left me depleted and broken. Never stopping to ask myself how much it will cost me psychologically, physically, emotionally, and financially. Or, will I have to take a lien out on my soul for someone else’s happiness?

Our unmindful sacrifices take us down dark paths, leaving us exposed to the dangers of the unseen. We sacrifice our bodies to undeserving people. Sacrifice our time for things that aren’t important. Sacrifice our children for our jobs. Sacrifice our souls for attention. The list goes on.

I learned the hard way that my sacrifices mean nothing to a person that doesn’t value the purpose of what they’re petitioning for. We’re all guilty of wanting things just for the sake of having them.

God didn’t reveal the purpose of my life, until He knew I wouldn’t squander His blessings. I was deep in depression, with nowhere to turn, when He declared that I was a writer. Knowing he had my undivided attention, He showed me in a dream that I would never return to my past. I stood at a distance looking at the place He just brought me from. As I moved closer, He set my past ablaze. Then, He showed me the success that I would have as a writer. For three years, He has blocked every attempt that I’ve made to be anything other than a writer. He did allow me to sustain myself as a caregiver. He knew that I didn’t like doing it, and vowed never to go back after taking care of my grandmother. I fell right into His trap and ‘wrote myself’ out of my circumstances.

Live. Bless. Prosper.

Artwork by Michael Durst


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