The Light and Dark Sides of Fasting

Spirit visitation is a common occurrence in spiritual fasting. I’ve encountered angelic messengers and dark spirits.  Let’s revisit my most recent 21-day regular fast. The first day usually consists of anger-filled rants in the car, negative thoughts, and nightmares. I tend to shy away from talking about these experiences because I’m out of character. Not a great way to begin a spiritual journey. I had to pray and ask God  to remove the unclean thoughts and negative energy attacking my mind—attempting to take up residence in my soul. Yes, believers can  have unclean spirit attachments that we pick up from people, places and traumatic events.

Day Two-

Naturally, you physically slow down during a fast. As your energy decreases, your awareness heightens. A simple drive to the store, turned into a day at NASCAR. The speed limit was 35 mph, but cars were going at least 50 mph—weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, honking, and cutting off other cars. I gripped the steering wheel, like that would help. You know when a car speeds by really fast causing your own car to vibrate? Well, that was happening too. “Shame on you,” I yelled, as I wagged my finger at cars speeding by.

Basically, you begin to notice things in your surroundings you hadn’t paid attention to like the entire neighborhood that appeared out of nowhere. I looked around in disbelief wondering how I never noticed a block of apartment buildings. Which brings me to my next point, be prepared to enter opposite land. People that are normally mean spirited will be overly nice. People that are typically level-headed will give you evil glares. EVERYTHING will be off the first couple of days.

Day Three-

I experienced a surge of random, negative thoughts. Not about anything in particular. I really struggled to fight against them. I avoided listening to my regular radio stations. I opted for instrumental jazz instead. I prayed for Yah to purge the negativity from my mind and soul. I knew I couldn’t have external influences impacting my mental clarity if I wanted to reach my goal.

Day Four-

It was like something zapped my energy. I woke up depressed and didn’t want to get out of bed but forced myself.  At that point, I knew I was under spiritual attack. Later that night, the bedroom door began to rattle, jolting me from my sleep. I stared at the door “This ain’t my first rodeo,” I whispered. In the past, I’ve completely levitated from my bed to the ceiling, in the supine position. All of these happenings are dark spiritual forces attacking you to stop the God force getting ready to move in your life as you journey towards the truth.  Be aware that negative influences aren’t limited to the unseen. Depending on your environment, other people will be negatively influenced to bother you as well.

Fasting isn’t at all a negative journey. It just comes with the territory. I’ve had some pretty miraculous moments while fasting. In my previous post The Dangers of Fasting, I recalled a recent experience where I lay in bed scared I would die. That was Day 7 of my 10-day fast. I will pull the excerpt from my journal to give you a complete view of what happened.

I went to bed with severe abdominal cramps and acid reflux. “Please forgive me,” I cried out to God. “I just can’t finish this fast. If I make it through the night, tomorrow will be my last day.” I tossed and turned all night to find a comfortable position before falling asleep. Around 5 A.M., I lay awake and saw a big blue sparkling flash from across the room. At first, I thought it was coming from the power strip on the floor. But, it was nowhere near the plug. I rested my head back down. There it was again. And again. I stumbled out of bed to turn on the light. In my heart, I knew what it was but wanted confirmation. I went to the bathroom and splashed my face with water. I went back to the bedroom and grabbed my laptop. I Googled ‘signs of an angelic presence.’ I came across a site that listed ten signs of an angelic presence. There it was: sparkling light. The article first described a white light. I kept reading until I came to ‘blue sparkling or flashing light.’ My heart fluttered, It read that a blue light is Archangel Michael there to bring protection and courage. To help you with a special situation. I was overcome with emotion. God hadn’t left me to die and would see me through the remaining days. Prior to fasting, I designated a prayer for each day. It was no coincidence that my prayer for that day was blessing, protection, grace, and mercy.

I’ve had other fasting experiences where angels have come to my bedside. As I previously mentioned, if you can make it to the end, you’ll experience a peace that passes all understanding. It feels like pure euphoria. Remember, be careful and plan out your journey.

Live. Bless. Prosper.


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