Searching Forever

My blue sky is falling

As the days go by,

I try,

to understand you more and more

But never coming close

I cry,

As I explore, the inner workings of your heart

Thinking, that would be a good place to start

I die,

A little more—each and every time, I get it wrong

I’m wandering

Wondering, is this where I belong

I sigh,

Because I’m in love

Therefore, too weak to fight

Somehow, when you smile, it makes it right

Even for a while

My blue sky,

This is where I’ll stay.

But, I must say,

I’ve never dealt with this type of indiscretion

Learning lessons, from a damaged heart

With an intricate point of view

I lie,

Don’t leave me here—in the middle

Lost and confused

Living in the past, only beats up the wounds of the abused

I fly,

So teach me

Direct where I should go, how to move

Even if it’s by moonlight

I will find you

As the days go bye.

By Mari S.



    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, absolutely. And, to be so guarded that you won’t even let the one you love in–forcing that other person to be in a relationship alone or leave it all together.


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