The Embrace


When his tears fell down my back

across the blade of my bone

the veil of his masculinity was torn

I’ve never known the weakness of a man

Until, I felt the trail of his tears

Suddenly, I knew fear

With one hand across my spine

The other, around my waist

Tightly into his chest

My breast—disappeared

Almost statuesque

Except my slow and scattered breaths

Forced into therapy, like he was into his life

All he had said

I began, to understand

“It didn’t take having an abusive father

Forcing my mother to be alone

Five years of hustling

Two wounds from a gun

It didn’t take the multitudes of women

And anti-climatic love affairs

Or, the backstabbers that I call friends

Cause in the end

When I met you, I fell instantly in love.”


By Mari S.




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