The Scales (Libra)


When you’re looking for the answers

You have to ask the questions

When the scales are unbalanced,

it goes deeper than perfection.

You have one life to live,

do it with transparence.

If real people have to struggle,

to find your true essence

Only two things weigh in: confusion and depression

When the scales are unbalanced

We all miss the lesson.

When the scales are unbalanced,

it’s not your appearance that matters

As we grow older,

it’s the spirit that flatters

It’s the right balance of beauty and grace

Wisdom and truth

Forgiveness and hurt

Moving on from immaturity and being adult

Not putting old baggage in a new purse.

When the scales are balanced,

You are needed to inspire

Offering us truth–taking us higher

Your inner peace softens the worse situations

You love unconditionally, without reservation

Your beauty draws in the hurt–smooths the abrasion.

But sometimes, we ignore the answer

Overthinking the equation

So, tell me,

what set the scales unbalanced?


By Mari S.



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