Be Different

Monotony, every time I turn around




And not, my vision

Playing peek-a-boo

With decision

I’d make you disappear,

if i was a magician.

Rather be broke

just to change my position.

The heart of my dreams turned to stone,

at conception,  in a healthy womb

Now, a hollow tomb and left for dead

Monotony, your presence crumbles

Like the power of Medusa’s head

My essence, humbled to pieces

Monotony, you have no reason

Another again

A friend, of a friend

I don’t wanna be…

lost, again

I don’t wanna be…

hurt, again

I don’t wanna be…

monotonous, again

because I’m bored

familiarity is the pain

of a double edged sword.

I love you Again

I hate you Again

Monotony is a one-way street—

to—a dead-end.

Like candy from strangers,

it should be Dunaway

No. More. Wire. Hangers!

Only time lost,

can arouse this type of anger.

I aspire to be…DIFFERENT.

Walk the tightrope

Be bipolar with danger

But, my conscience upholds the lesson

“Vessels of change must use discretion.”

By Mari S.



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