He walks like a KING

Talks like…

he could persuade a person

to do—anything.

Might not be something I want to get into


Eddie has a wayward eye,

typical for a guy—who has everything.

I seen Eddie

and this time, he had a loosened tie.

He was walking,

fumbling around in his pockets,

like he’d lost something…

maybe his mind.

A man who has everything

wants what he sees.

Eddie can do whatever he pleases

because he is able,

on the go, and FINE.

Within no danger of being labeled—

he moves fast,

like, he’s been around the block a few times.

Only, it’s not a crime;

it’s the life of a young man.

I want Eddie only

After he makes his transition,

from living on the edge of

drinking and sleeping with women.

I can’t come home to my bed—

and see Eddie’s head,

laying next to two more heads.

But, I see down the line,

a self-disciplined man who’s ready.

But that trail of red confetti…

red confetti…he’s left behind—

does not turn me on.

It’s getting in the way.

All I’m really trying to say is,

I see Eddie everyday,

and, he looks like my type.

By Mari S.




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