The Aftermath of Eddie

I saw my future within your smile—

very clear and intense—

glimpsing at life, for many miles

like, into a crystal ball.

Alone, I couldn’t see a future at all.

So, I try to endure the fights we have

over me to change

Just to keep the love I found.

But, through the spitting rage

I knocked the crystal ball off its mound.

A crystal ball—is not a bouncing one.

Sometimes overlooking

When I foresee,

all my expectations end with me.

With me,

Walking on the glass of a broken dream;

A life not lived,

only, foretold and seen.

The allure of you

still hunting me.

I’ve been running for miles,

chasing a dream—trying to keep you happy.

Realizing you were never ordinary, just pursuant of smiles…

but never ordinary.

Will this ever end?


By Mari S.





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