The Revolution

When I look back

I find things..

Things I would change


My frailty for one

All of the people

I let walk, run

Trample over me

Giving them first hands

On what was mine

Thinking I owed them

The right to happiness

Instead of me

Giving people what they wanted

Every. Time. They. Asked.

Disfiguring my soul, my heart

Time, please restart

Make me BOLD.

Now, living with a diseased essence

Life’s growing lessons


For an imaginary presence

I’m not a number.

I don’t count.

I’m not even there.

I Can Not change the past

I am last.

The danger of being nice


Was my biggest sacrifice

Understand, I paid the price.

But my wind,

My wind is humming

I am running.

Time has finally avenged me

Only the “fallen”

Will see me coming.


By Mari S.




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