Miracle Stories: Highway to Heaven


When we couldn’t get a bus for our pre-season games, our basketball coach used the schools old fifteen passenger van. One stormy afternoon, we loaded up to head to our game. I sat in the front seat quietly, while my teammates laughed and joked in the back. I said a little prayer that we get there safely. Coach had the wipers going full speed but were no match for the heavy down pour of rain that crashed against the windshield. Torrential rain flooded the highway with over a foot of water. A frosty film covered the windows. Coach tried clearing the windshield from the inside, while the girls nervously looked at one another. It could’ve been the case that the old van’s defrosters weren’t working. She rolled down her window to release the humid air. The windshield cleared in just enough time for our coach to see the large sofa in our lane. She swerved out of the way to avoid a crash, but our van hydro-planed across the highway. The more she fought for control, the worse it got. The drivers side flipped up in the air, throwing the hysterical girls to the opposite side of the van—toppling one another. We skidded on two wheels so low to the ground that I was parallel to the highway. I didn’t make a peep. Not one sound. God, please protect us, I thought.

Let me tell you, it was God’s grace and ONLY His grace that kept us from dying that day.

Miraculously,  the van flipped back on four wheels, without our coach handling the wheel and the weight of the girls leveraging the other side. When it was over, everybody was frantically yelling, including our coach. I sat silent. I felt heads and eyes turned in my direction. I don’t know what freaked them out more, my non-reaction or our near crash. Coach said, “I hope you know, if we would’ve crashed, it would’ve been on your side.” I simply replied, “If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.”

Live. Bless. Prosper.


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