Move Over Always ♀️

Periods are a bummer. I don’t know one woman that prances along the white sandy beach in a bikini on her period. Many of us want to curl up in bed, with our favorite sweets or snacks and be left alone. One thing worse than periods, are panty-liners.

Most women have a love-hate relationship when it comes to panty-liners. Either we swear by them or detest them. I hate panty-liners! It’s like being on your period, when you’re not. So, why physically torture yourself?

But, by all means, if you need to use them, they’re a great option for light period days, incontinence, or discharge issues.

One of my biggest complaints is that I haven’t found one that is form-fitting or doesn’t feel like a piece of cardboard in my crotch. I just don’t get panty-liners. My aunt tried turning me on to panty-liners years ago, but I just couldn’t. She wore them everyday and never had to worry about her cycle catching her off-guard with a premature visit.

However, if you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to snatch off that pad or tampon the moment your cycle ends. So, I downright refuse to walk around waiting for Aunt Flo to show-up. And is it me or does she sometimes bring guests along with her?

My cycle has always been heavy, primarily due to fibroids. Until my 37th birthday, it lasted a full 6 or 7 days. In high school, my coach told us that working out during your period would shorten the cycle. That never happened, and it always appeared heavier.

Two years ago, my cycle shortened dramatically to 3 or 4 days. It’s still heavy but only for half that time. After switching over to a health conscious, environment friendly lifestyle, I decided to change my period products.

Since beginning my cycle, I’ve used Always 8 or 10 hour protection with leak guard and, or wings. I’ve enjoyed the Always brand because of its bulkiness. It made me feel protected. As I’ve gotten older, and more in tuned with my body, I wanted to go with something a tad less ‘diapery.’ So, I tried Seventh Generation Free and Clear, Pure Fit, Ultra-thin pads. I’ve never experienced such a disaster as that. I won’t recount the details here, but I might as well have been Free-bleeding. If you don’t know what Free-bleeding is check out this BuzzFeed video.

My mom recently returned from a trip visiting friends in Columbia, SC. They told her about another family friend that was building her company around a feminine product she created.  She gave my mother some samples of her Cherish Sanitary Napkins for me to try out because she no longer needs them. Lucky her.

Jaycee Adams created Cherish sanitary napkins, for women, to put the balance back inside of the body. Her pads are chemical free, ultra-thin and offers 8 layers of protection and 10 times more absorbent than conventional pads.

8 “MIRACLE” LAYERS – Cotton, Negative Ion Strip, AirLaid Paper, Super Absorbent and Safe Polymer that Holds Up to 300 Times Its Own Weight In Liquid. Enhanced Flow Layer, Additional Layer of Air Laid Paper, Breathable Bottom & A Release Paper.

They have a uniquely designed ion strip that may reduce pain, inflammation, and neutralize odor. Cherish offers four sizes: Premium, Night Use, Overnight Use and Panty-liners.

Cherish Premium Pad (Top). Always 8 Hour Protection (Bottom).

I tested the premium napkins during the latter end of my cycle. The pad is produced with 100 percent cotton, so it’s very comfy and has added wings for extra protection, which I loved. Honestly, it felt like I had on a nice pair of granny panties. There was nothing sticking, scraping or scratching my skin. No ultra-thin pad has been able to withstand my heavy cycle. I braced myself for the second embarrassing experience of my life. However, the outcome was nothing short of a miracle. I experienced absolutely no leaks or accidents using this ultra-thin pad. I’m amazed at how well it worked.

I have yet to try the panty-liner, but it has the same great feel and shape as the premium pad.

If you’re looking to for a pad that is barely there but still offers the protection of a conventional pad, consider giving Cherish a try! You can purchase Cherish Sanitary Napkins on Amazon and Ebay.

Live. Bless. Prosper. ♀️



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