About Last Night…

Once upon a time, I wrote this book, thinking it would sell itself with little to no effort at all. Wrong. How can a God-inspired project be failing? Is failure even a real thing?

I went down the list of actions I’ve taken to ensure my books success.

  1. I finished it
  2. Prayed Begged for success
  3. Hired a professional editor
  4. Published, deleted, then republished
  5. Started a blog to bypass conventional social media. Realized that was impossible, so I opened a Twitter account.

Why Twitter? I’m banned from Facebook and Instagram. Long Story. I began to feel that maybe readers couldn’t relate to me, so I upped the transparency. I didn’t think I could get more personal than a blog.

I called on the experience of my brother and created a photo-series called Breaking Up, which gave readers an in-depth view into the dark times of my life. I didn’t know how the audience would receive my project, especially since I’ve avoided cameras for most of my life due to low self-esteem. If nothing else, the photo-shoots were self-empowering. Thankfully, I did receive a positive response, which I’m grateful for.

Still, I couldn’t ignore the harsh reality that I was falling short of my goal.  A late night conversation about organizing a closet, led to me donating a box of books. The bookstore [The Last Bookstore] happened to have an open-mic night for authors with published works. Ahem, ‘scuse me, that would be me dah-ling. This would be my defining moment.

Two years earlier, I tried reciting stories—from my then work-in-progress— and was advised to never read, aloud, in front of an open crowd. Ever. They were right, I sucked. However, two years of trials will bring out the best in anyone. I practiced for a week, recording my rehearsals in the car and didn’t sound half bad.

Last night, I took center stage, in front of small crowd to share a tiny piece of me. My knees nearly buckled when Jenny Funkmeyer called my name but there was no turning back. Performers had the option of sitting, but I chose to stand too nervous to sit still. As I read, I wondered what the heck my right hand was doing. It appeared to be casting a spell over the audience. Well, hopefully, one of us conveyed what the other was trying say. In spite of fumbling my words a few times, I continued reading in what felt like the longest seven minutes of my life. In the end, the audience response was great. Score! I even made a funny afterwards. Score again!

Although last night was far from defining, it was a valuable moment nonetheless. I even managed to sneak in a shameless plug of My Book. If I don’t, who will? Anyway, here’s a short clip of my reading. Hope you enjoy!

P.S.  I would like to thank my brother Dannie and cousin Terica for supporting my author journey with their photog-erific expertise (which you can view on my homepage). Sometimes, we don’t know why God sends us certain places, like in my case. When you pray for help, you don’t know how it will manifest itself. Be receptive to the people that are sent into your life. More than likely, they’re your present help. ❤️


Step Up to the Mic!

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