Beyond Baroque: Book Reading

Last weekend, I attended the monthly open mic at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. The event is generally for those performing spoken word, but I decided to, once again, read from my bio.

Everything tried to get in the way of me reading. First, my brother rolled all the car windows down on the freeway and unstuck my edges.

Leaving the house….

Leaving the car…

Then, his navigation got us turned around. We walked three blocks because he never listens to me. We arrived in the middle of the event, and I got yelled at by the host. Sorry about the photos. My brother refused to lend any effort at all—and took my photos sitting down in the back of the room.

Then, he ran out after I finished, forcing me to leave early because of another engagement. I’m not saying it’s his fault, I’m just blaming him for what almost didn’t happen.

I received such great feedback—including two rounds of applause and an iPhone pic. Yep, that’s right! Ya girl is a superstar-rah!

I practiced minimally this time but read much better. At my other readings, I struggled to connect with the words. This performance felt like I was back in my apartment in Long Beach. I visualized throwing my bible up to the ceiling and the pages flying everywhere. I could hear myself yelling at God. I felt the rush of disappointment and anger when my grandmother turned her back on the church.

So glad I’m finally in a healthy emotional space that my past doesn’t negatively affect me anymore. And I can share with enthusiasm and joy. My purpose is to connect with people, and I’m enjoying every minute.

Live. Bless. Prosper.


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