Miracle Stories: What Dreams May Come

When I was 9 years old, I nearly died drowning. It happened on a family trip to Raging Waters. My Dad, sister, brother, and myself had no business floating in that Wave Pool unable to swim with no life jackets.

For those unfamiliar with the Wave Pool, it’s simulated to being in the ocean and experiencing it’s fluctuating waves.

The Wave Pool depth went up to about 12 feet. At a frail 80 pounds, I had trouble maintaining a stable posture within the inner tube.

My brother Lamar thought it was funny kicking, pushing, and tugging on my tube until I finally flipped over into the water. I held on to my tube for as long as I could, all while slowly drifting into the deep end.

A lady tried grabbing my arm but the attraction began. The waves tossed me around like a dog’s chew toy. I ended up at the deepest end of the pool struggling to keep my head above water.

Obviously, I didn’t drown that day.

I laid at the bottom, watching my life flash before my eyes. At 9, it wasn’t much to remember: Leaving the house, the car ride to the park, and being with my family. As I mentioned in my book, (which I unpublished online for updates and corrections) dying is nothing more than a confrontation with yourself. For a quick moment, regret surfaced, and I wished I could go back just a few moments to change my decision.

Everything happens so fast. Before you know it, peace enters in, and you stop struggling knowing it will be over soon. It’s something difficult to describe. You just know everything’s going to be okay. Whatever was left undone, is now resolved. When we transition, we don’t leave anything behind or incomplete. We’ve simply fulfilled our part, in the allotted amount of time granted. Someone will pick up where we left off. The last step is the final transition, which I never completed.

A lifeguard saved me before finally closing my eyes. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful. It’s just…you can’t get that far in the dying phase and ever be the same.

I walked away from the pool bloated from ingesting a half-gallon of water—eyes wide-open—wondering why me? On average, over 3500 people drown per year in United States. Why didn’t Yahuah (God) save those people?

BTW, God has a name. I choose to call Him Yahuah ( Hebrew) and use God interchangeably with this name. Initially, I didn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable with my walk of faith. But, I started to feel uncomfortable myself.  At the end of the day, I need to do what feels right…

Honestly, you don’t know how to respond after a near death experience. However, something begins to cultivate in your spirit that you’re here for some important reason.

Near death experiences transcends a level of consciousness that is very difficult to explain. I like the song Ultralight Beam, by Kanye West. If I had to, that’s exactly how I would describe it. God shares His vision with me, and I with the world. A God Dream.

At 12, I began to have prophetic messages implanted in my conscious and subconscious mind. In laymen’s terms—dreams and visions. In my lack of knowledge and understanding, I used the term “psychic.”

I’m no psychic, medium, or soothsayer. God speaks to  me in dreams, visions, and through spirit.

I’ve spoken about the spirit man in previous posts. It’s that inner voice that guides and protects us. We all have it. However, not being able to see, speak, touch, or label it causes some to ignore it.

Over the last few years, I’ve had very elaborate dreams mostly that I haven’t shared but with one or two people. Every so often, I will relay a message to someone to help them, usually it’s at the sacrifice of my reputation.

Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think of you are.

–John Wooden

Not because I’m wrong. People don’t want to receive bad news, even if you’re trying to save them from worse circumstances. They’d rather take their chances and hope nothing bad happens. Then, when something bad happens, they have the audacity to tell me about it.

Attempting to reach someone lacking spiritual consciousness is extremely difficult. On the other hand, helping a person with a broken spirit can cause them to latch.

I’ve experienced and mishandled both circumstances. Spiritual gifts don’t come with instructions. Like anything else, you navigate through the mistakes as you mature.

Dreams: The Art of Self-Healing

Our physical and emotional bodies are self-healing in nature. The miraculous thing about life is that as we get older, it takes longer for our physical bodies to heal—but we seem to bounce right back emotional wounds.

Getting Answers to Our Toughest Problems

I believe dreams, visions, and prayer meditation are all forms of self-healing. Times when I’m most distressed, I’m given a dream that supplies the answers to problems in my waking life.

From the moment we awake until bedtime, we’re bombarded  with the nuances of daily life. Most of us never slow down to listen or pay attention to the tiny cracks forming in our foundation, until our lives begin to crumble around us. Dreams can help us identify and resolve our greatest issues, even warn us of impending danger.

I’m no dream expert and don’t typically share my dreams or visions because some take years to manifest in the physical realm. Yahuah (God) doesn’t always provide the meaning or introduce me to key players until much later. However, there are some lives that are falling apart and hopefully this blog will begin the restoration process.

Understanding Dreams

Some dreams manifest, if you accept/allow them. We don’t have to accept the outcome of the circumstances in our dreams, especially negative outcomes. Dreams like this need to subjugated with positive affirmations and/or scriptural reference in the physical realm like “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”—Isaiah 54:17

According to M. Farouk Radwan MSC., “The problem is that the subconscious mind can never accept a belief unless it doesn’t contradict it’s existing belief database. If you think you’re  a loser, but kept repeating phrases such as I am confident, your subconscious mind will never believe you and your affirmation will never have a positive effect on your behavior.”

Our thoughts and emotions arise from our subconscious, which manifest into words. The power of life and death lay in the tongue. Words spring forth action, whether by you or someone else because they carry a spirit. Our actions determine our circumstances. Our circumstances controls our existence and everyone else’s around us. Human existence is powered by free-will and spirit.

Years ago, I awoke in a cold sweat after dreaming a man raped my mother in her apartment complex. I immediately got up and prayed to cancel that negative affirmation.

I caught up with my mother days later, and told her about the dream. Sure enough, she had gone late into the fitness center to work out. A man acting very strangely came into the fitness center and just stood there watching her. She recalled he appeared as if he had just been released from jail. She got off of the machine to use the restroom. The man crept around in her direction. A voice told her not to use the restroom and go back to her apartment. She believes that had she continued to the restroom, he would’ve forced his way in and raped her.

Nightmares are influenced by dark spiritual forces that implant negativity into our subconscious, which we carry into our waking lives or consciousness. You may dream that someone is harming or stealing from you. Or, may even dream of death and sexual perversion. Sometimes, these are extensions of issues we are facing and may represent alternate meanings in your dreams.

Just Kidding…

For example, dreaming of death doesn’t always mean someone is going to die. Often times, it suggests an ending to something. However, I have had symbolic dreams that suggested there was a death like seeing a casket and driving in a funeral procession. A few days later, I found out a family member died. So although, the dream didn’t show an actual person, it prepared me for an impending death.

Sexually perverted dreams are often influenced by sex or night demons often referred to as incubus or succubus. You can acquire a more in-depth meaning about these demons on drintimacy.wordpress.com. Basically, they are spirits of lust that attempt to have sexual intercourse with men and women while they sleep.

Not all sexually charged dreams are a demonic attack. We are sexual beings, so it’s natural to dream about this very important act of nature needed for the survival of our species. Many times, sexual dreams indicate relationship issues such as abuse or self-neglect. Sexual dreams can even imply that you are learning to love and accept yourself.

Continued in Part II…


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