Miracle Stories: What Dreams May Come PT. II

I would like to first begin by mentioning one of my favorite shows to watch Black-ish. I love the satire comedy on the show. The most recent episode Inheritance highlighted false prophets  that use Yah’s word for personal gain…false profits. Actually, the show over-dramatized the character portraying the false prophet. Many false prophets are notable church leaders with large followings that use scriptural and emotional manipulation to control your perception and worship experience.

I’m always seeking to better my understanding and stumbled across bible.org. They gave the best insight into the topics of understanding and correctly interpreting the bible. One form interpretation the site touched upon is Cult. When we think of a cult, it’s always some crazed lunatic leading followers to their demise.

However, a Cult-ism mentality is any leader, crazed or not that uses their authority as the focal point of their ministry and  has his or her ideas in writing. “The cult considers those writings as equal in authority (actually greater) than the bible. They lift some biblical verses out of context to support their own views.”

This is why you see many popular church leaders with their own catalog of books. Congregations perceive bishops, pastors and priests as physical manifestations of God’s word. If you have an uber rich man standing in front you preaching, it’s easier to be persuaded that whatever he’s telling you is true. Everyone’s goal is to be successful. It’s easy to believe that their success came by means of God blessing them and not other manipulative tactics like getting the congregation to bless them by giving false hope and promises.

We’ve ALL heard “you’re breakthrough is just around the corner.” Or, “it’s your season for financial windfall.” How many of you PAID money to back these lies? God does not charge to bless you. So, if any church leader has coerced into doing so over the years, he or she is a FALSE PROPHET.

Anywho, during this particular episode, Bow’s sister “Santa Maria” formerly known as Santa Monica came into town. She had taken up a new identity of a false prophet.  Funny, they chose a beautiful bi-racial woman, when generally the culprits are men.

Ruby, then quotes the scripture Jeremiah 23 at “Maria” which states:

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes.”

Ruby couldn’t have been more correct. I found this even more hilarious coming from a Hollywood show since that entire industry is fake and lies constantly. But, I digress. Satan gives you a little bit of truth, wrapped up in a big lie. Then, smacks a pretty red bow on it. In this case, the pretty bow was comedy.

Sadly, Ruby did what most church leaders do, take one small passage of a biblical text that supports whatever idea they are trying to convey. Thus, offering no context to that scripture. The context means the scriptures that surround the passage.

In Jeremiah 23″16, God was referring to the False Lying Prophets of Baal, which was a false idol that Israel constructed and began worshipping. Yah was in no way speaking of His righteous prophets. But, how would you know that if you’ve never heard the scripture?

It also says “Both prophet and priest are godless; even in my temple I find their wickedness. Therefore, their path will become slippery; they will be banished to darkness and there they will fall.” -Jeremiah 23:11-12

Mega churches are the result of believers worshipping the pastor, bishop, or priest and NOT Yahuah (God).


Personal Dreams: Relationships

Leading up to my Hawaii trip in 2015, my faith wavered constantly. The slightest imposition caused me to lash out at God. I blamed Him for all the misfortune happening to me, turning a blind-eye to all He’d done in my life. One day I’d give thanks in my circumstances, the next I’d complain about my circumstances. For two years, it was “Thank you, I love you” to “I don’t trust you, leave me alone.”

The first night of my trip God entered into my dreams to show my why He hadn’t been consistent in my life.

The dream took place at my former job: A music warehouse that sold cd’s and tapes. There was an office above the main floor, with large glass windows that my boss looked down from out into the store. He watched as staff worked and completed transactions with customers.

In the dream, I frequented the store everyday, only to find empty shelves. Interestingly, there were couples arguing and fighting in and out of the store. I stood in the background watching and listening. After everyone was gone, I’d look up at the lightly tinted window—waiting for it to open, and my boss to look down.

Everyday I experienced the same thing. Finally, I took it upon myself to go upstairs. The room was much bigger than I imagined and dimly lit. People moved about handling business. Off to the side, I spotted a black man very large in stature. Could this be my boss, I wondered? More surprising than his size was him sitting in a wheelchair.

Is it you? I asked. The oversized man greeted me.

Hey, Mari!

I walked over and placed my hands on his knees, looking him straight in the eye. You’ve watched me come into this store everyday and never said anything. Had I not come up here myself to find you, I would’ve kept returning everyday to an empty store. I don’t understand.

There was something I needed you to see.

How did you get in this wheelchair? What happened to you?

He smiled and with a firm but gentle voice said, You did this to me.

I gasped. What?! How did I do this to you?

Every time you get angry and lack faith it cripples me, and I can’t move.

I plead for forgiveness.

I want to give you a building, he said.

A building?

Yes, how much do you want to make?

His question caught me off guard. No one has ever asked me that. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say, so I just called a number. $100,000 I answered.

He arose from the wheelchair. Wait a minute, I said.

Some lady walked by saying, “He can walk.”

I kid you not, his physique was He-Man like, and he stood about 9 feet tall. He walked away slowly. Business continued, so I left. As I made my way through the store, the same couples that were arguing before had made up.

The Curse of Fear

Sometimes, I have dreams where I’m plopped right down in the middle of a horror movie. I would describe them as nightmares, but they hold just as much meaning as regular dreams.

I found myself dashing through a dark forest being chased by a gigantic gargoyle. Getting away wasn’t the problem. The hardship was lugging my mother across my back.

I came to a wood rail fence. I lowered my mom on the other side, then hopped over. My legs were like silly puddy. Besides that, I was done running and being afraid. I stood there waiting for the impending attack. The gargoyle landed on the fence, flared his bat-like wings, and crouched down.

Surprisingly, when I stopped running, he stopped chasing me. Fear is only allowed to go as far as you’re willing to take it. It wasn’t me he wanted. The gargoyle represented my mother’s fears and insecurities that she’d been imposing on to me. I carried them, as my own, for many years.

I left her laying there and continued my trek into the darkness. The darkness, by the way, is symbolic to the instability (health, finances, family) that I was experiencing. Every area of my life was being deconstructed. It was all apart of a master plan. Change is not always a smooth transition. I was changing and no one wanted to accept it. People wanted me to stay the same, so they could continue treating me disrespectfully. Changing exposes other people’s unhealthy behaviors. If they aren’t ready to change or are blind to their personal issues, they fight to keep things the same. Sometimes that results in fighting you. Surrendering to change and growth is an act of bravery and maturity. Some people are afraid to pursue self-discovery. Once those old, fragile bones are dug up, they can’t be reburied. Change requires work and not everyone is up for the challenge.

People benefitted from me allowing them to use and mistreat me. Why would you expect them to enjoy watching you change?

I came to a 757 plane and boarded—grabbing the nearest window seat. Shortly after taking off, the plane began to nose dive. Passengers screamed and held onto loved ones. A voice told me to pray. I refused.

Even when we actively pursue change, the battle gets rough. We just want to give up and turn back to our old way of doing things.

As we descended, I noticed the ocean was the most beautiful blue I had ever seen. I don’t even know if that particular shade even exists. I looked over at all the people who wanted to live. Some even tried praying themselves. Not that God wasn’t listening, but He asked me to do it. I gave in and prayed for our safety. Immediately, the plane ascended, narrowly avoiding a crash. We never reached the proper elevation but remained low and steady.

During that period of my life, I was asking God for things I wasn’t ready for. I hadn’t even dealt with my core issues. He wanted to bless me with increase and elevation, but couldn’t trust me—not even to pray.

The plane flew in between two mountain ridges. Below us were people jumping up and down waving frantically. I couldn’t tell if they were greeting us or flagging for help. I sighed. I knew my work was just beginning.

The Three Trees: Death

Right before moving back home with my dad in 2016, I dreamt of three fallen trees. The significance of this dream goes back to confronting negative dreams with positive affirmation.

I was back in the forest. The forest can represents renewal, spirituality or being lost and confused depending on the nature of the dream. It’s a fact about me that I get lost in the details that I overlook the big picture. This characteristic stems from having small faith. Trying to take care of things I have no control over. But, there are things that are within our power to control. Often times, we when can’t control the big things we let the small things go. Nothing important to you is too small to be ignored.

In the distance, I spotted a pile of gifts laying in the middle of the road. As I made my way to retrieve the  items I believed were mine, three trees fell in my path. Fallen trees represent the end of the life cycle. Other interpretations suggest moving in the wrong direction and imbalance. All of these meanings can be applied here.

I attempted to climb over, but these were humongous redwood trees piled up. I decided to go the long way. As I may my way around, a man drove by, abducted me, and was driving me away from my gifts. I urged him to go back the other way. I figured I’d need help carrying my presents. We came to a crazed woman in the middle of the road that nabbed all my gifts. I demanded them back. She said she didn’t want to give them to me. I hung out of the passenger window and kept demanding. From the pile, she handed me two small boxes and one suede satchel. I opened each one, only find them filled with sand.

The  number one jobs of the enemy is to steal, kill, and destroy. I called my father and told him about the dream. A week later, he called in tears because his sister died from her battle with cancer. Several months later, Ms. Brown passed away.

Right after my aunt passed, I went to live with my father. I shared his health scare in a recent post. His lifestyle had completely taken a wrong direction. It’s true that when we pray for others, we are praying for ourselves. I stay in constant prayer over my family’s well-being. Sometime God uses us to manifest our own prayers.  I believe that God sent me there to save my Dad’s life. He would’ve been the third tree.

As for the gifts of sand, my talents were going to waste. God had greater plans for my life, but I kept trying to revisit the past.

Staying the Course
After I strayed, I repented; after I came to understand, I beat my breast. I was ashamed and humiliated because I bore the disgrace of my youth.” –Jeremiah 31:19

The dream started off with me being in a house/apartment. It was unkempt and junky. It seemed like I lived there, but I don’t keep my place of dwelling dirty. Basically, I walked into a mess. I went into the bathroom and started cleaning it, but couldn’t remove all the dirt. I walked into the kitchen area. There was a man watching me, hiding behind this makeshift wall eating cereal. When I discovered him, he had a really shocked look on his face. Like I said, it was makeshift with gaps in it. He had to know he could be seen. I went into the living room and an older lady was on the couch giving me advice, but I can’t remember what she was said because she was rambling. It was something along the lines of me helping myself and talking about people’s behaviors in regards to me.

She and I, packed our bags to go on a trip. I’m assuming we flew, but I don’t recall boarding a plane. We left he “airport,” caught a shuttle, and rode through this blighted city. I believe it was Detroit because she mentioned it. She was pointing out all of the devastation and told me to remember what she was showing me because it was important. In particular, a bridge destroyed by fire. Next, we passed a metro train station. All of the occupants were black youngsters. Some were even walking across the tracks in front of the train being careless. Nobody seemed to pay attention. Just moving.

As we drove along, I realized I had forgotten my camera at home and mentioned it several times because I really wanted to take pictures. Then, I realized I didn’t have my luggage. I wasn’t frantic. I simply couldn’t remember if I left it at home or it had gotten lost. I eventually settled that I never brought it. We arrived at a very lavish hotel. By the way, a group of us were there for a church conference, which is important because I left organized religion in 2013. The leader of the group was a young lady. She was very manipulative, controlling, and rude. She was the youngest of the bunch and spoke to us as if we were children. I didn’t bite my tongue in saying that I didn’t like how disrespectful she was acting. And, reminded her that we paid our own way, and there was no need for her trying to control everyone. She gave my friends their room assignments, but not me. I was the only one that didn’t get one. I didn’t worry about it. My friend invited me to her room to wait in the meantime. Her room was large and untidy as well. She was sharing with a couple of other people.

After waiting a while, I decided to go to the front desk and get my own room assignment. As I walked down the hall to the elevator, I ran into the group leader. I attempted to walk around her, but she kept blocking my path. She pulled out a piece of paper with room assignments. Everyone was in triple digits, except me. My name was at the bottom, room 61. She pointed out how to get there. It was on the first floor. The lobby was also on the first floor.  The hotel reminded me of Caesars Palace. It had expensive shops and restaurants. I searched around for my room but couldn’t find 61. There were a group of men in the lobby throwing blue balls (size of tennis ball) to each other in every direction. I got hit at least once and became very irate. I yelled at the men to stop throwing the balls. I ran up the escalator towards one of them but it didn’t connect to the upper level. There was a gap in between myself and the man with the ball. I went back to the bottom and continued looking around for my room but woke up before finding it.

I could speculate the meaning of this dream. I keep focusing on the room number 61. I even looked up spiritual numbers, which would amount to 7. This was the second dream this year, where some female was blocking my path to something I wanted. I did pray and rebuke any negative activity related to the dream. But, I’m not really sure if it’s evil or prophetic. So, I don’t want to mess up and denounce something God is trying to reveal or confirm.

What stood out the most was the lady telling me to remember the burned bridge. Over the last four years, I’ve yelled, screamed, and cursed at God for everything—my entire life. And just being exhausted with this gift and feeling like He dumped it on me, even though I didn’t ask for it.

I am to remember that burned bridge not because all is lost. I need to restore what was lost. I need to remember why it went up in flames in the first place.

The young lady in the dream could’ve represented me, and my behavior towards God and other people. It may have been a face-off with myself.  Over the years, I admit misinterpreting the role of a leader. I was all of the things that embodied her character: rude, controlling, and manipulative. However, I understand her position in being young trying to manage a large responsibility.  I have absolutely felt like her. Feeling like people should respect me but not knowing how to obtain it naturally. I’ve forged situations where I made people afraid of me, and from there demanded what I wanted. That’s not respect. I can’t even give you a proper explanation of respect. There may be something about you that I detest and something that I respect. I don’t believe that we have to accept everything about a person to respect them. I also know that there are people who show respect and don’t mean it. They’re simply acting out of humiliation for that person’s position.

The young lady also represents people who have trampled over me, like I was beneath them. I never said anything, which resulted in me taking a lot of abuse. I remember being proud of myself in the dream for standing my ground. That’s me now. Respect is a two-way street. People think that their position negates them from having to show respect—which is incredibly wrong. People will love you, for speaking to them gently, being firm, honest, and showing inclusivity. No man’s an island, and I respect the person that understands that.

Angel number 61, or 7,  is a message to keep your thoughts positive and optimistic, and trust your material needs will be met. A positive attitude will ensure that things go smoothly. This is an important message because I get off course very easily when things go wrong. My thoughts and attitude quickly take a negative turn. I was so happy that nothing got me off course in this dream—not a messy place, lost luggage, or no room assignment. The one thing that did make me angry were the men taking shots at me. Although, I don’t think I was their intended target, they showed no regard for anyone else as they dealt with one another. They completely ignored me being angry. On top of that, I couldn’t reach them, which gave more incentive for them to continue. Some people act because they think they’re invincible. I wasn’t wrong in getting angry. I was wrong for letting my anger distract me from the mission.

These men also represent me. I’ve used many methods to try and reach people only to create a bigger space between us. Instead of me actually accomplishing the goal, it comes across as an attack.

As for the balls being thrown, blue represents truth and wisdom just like the ocean in my other dream. For me, the dream was an awakening to my past and present self. So, the blue represented truth and wisdom. However, the act of these men gave it an alternative meaning of being uncaring and cold. It can reflect brutal honesty regarding a situation in your best interest.

Staying The course Part two

Last year, I dreamt of being locked in an attic, with white walls. There was a door, bed, window, and chair. I looked for ways to escape the room but couldn’t find any. The window was barred and door locked. I banged on the door, but no one answered. When I turned around a young Middle Eastern man was by the window. I sat down in the chair. He asked me what was wrong. I looked around and pointed out being locked away—never questioning how he got in.  “Even if I escaped, I don’t have any transportation,” I cried. So, I asked for a bike. He spoke reassuringly saying “I know the Monopoly Man.” Jokingly, I said “Can you tell me where he lives?”

He told me that there would be rich people to the east and west of me but stay the course to the waterfall. How do I get to the waterfall? Is it far? Can I get there on a bike? He said, “I can give you a bike, but I want you take your time.” He directed my path and reiterated to continue straight ahead. Before disappearing off, he handed me a newborn baby. “I’m good,” I said. I began consoling the crying baby twirling around the room. When I stopped, I looked down and the newborn had become an infant.

There were other things we had spoken about. I cant remember exactly what they were. But, he came to teach me a lesson about forgiveness as well because I remember sharing it with my mother and also apologizing for my behavior. The newborn changing into an infant represented growth in that area of my life.

In the end times, Yahuah says, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” –Acts 2:17

This post is weeks overdue.  In fact, it’s the most crucial and delicate topic of the entire blog. I will be sharing a prophetic message of reprimand.

I recently learned that Yahuah uses righteous believers to pronounce judgment against the unrighteous and those behaving unrighteous. My entire life I couldn’t figure out why He allowed people to mistreat me for no reason after being good to them. Or, had me fighting against people in what felt like a losing battle. He was using me to bring judgment.

Still, even in God’s judgment, we aren’t supposed to glorify in the misfortune of others. When God judges, he doesn’t always punish the one that acted maliciously. Sometimes, the judgment is against someone close to that person. If you are under His grace and mercy, you’ll have time to humble yourself and repent. Unfortunately, His judgment sometimes results in death when the person remains prideful and continues to willfully sin.

“The wicked flee though no one pursues but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” –Proverbs 28

The dream began with myself and a family member packing our bags to escape the destruction that was headed to our town. We were allowed to take one or two small bags on the shuttle out of the city. Some people believed it was a storm coming, but I felt it was something bigger, stronger, more powerful.

I left my aunt’s house for downtown to collect items we needed on our journey. I assured her I’d return shortly. I reached the store but was stopped at the front entrance by a man spewing evil taunts and bashing me. He and a friend blocked the door so that I couldn’t enter. The friend hyped him up as he continued his verbal assault.

I backed away into the middle courtyard of the shopping center. There were people standing around in a circle waiting to attack me as well. Some even lunged forward to engage a physical assault.

Let me get this straight, trouble is headed over-way, yet people still have time to instigate an attack on a person not bothering them. Okay.

Suddenly, a vicious white tiger descended down next to me. He mauled every person that made an attempt at me. Everyone scattered, except me. The tiger left, so I hurried back home to  meet up with my aunt. I received a message to head over to a meet-up location. The sky grew darker and darker by the minute. When I arrived, I didn’t notice my bags anywhere. Everyone was getting ready to board the shuttles. I asked my aunt if she brought my bags. She began to say that she would return back with me to get them. But, a lady chimed in saying “You’re not responsible for her things.” “Let her get them herself,” she growled. My aunt kept quiet. I ran back home to grab my bags, but they weren’t there. I went back to the courtyard and ran into my dad, brother, and a dirty, sloppy drunk man. Actually, I’m assuming it was a man; I really couldn’t tell. They held the ‘it’ up on each side, while he vomited profusely. We found an empty shop and waited to ride out whatever was headed our way. I wasn’t afraid. Actually, with everyone gone the town was rather peaceful.

Often times, we allow people to negatively influence our better judgment, even though we know their behavior is questionable. The act of loyalty is potentially dangerous. Loyalty is not defending someone in their wrong but having the courage to correct their behavior at critical times. If you are willing to stand in judgment with someone acting maliciously, then so be it. If you choose to make an address, it’s best to wait until all of the details come forward.

In my dreams, God may use alternate genders to play the roles of the actual people in my waking life. Don’t get to caught up with character roles in your dreams unless it’s you can identify the person in your waking life. I didn’t recognize my “dream” aunt or any of the characters besides my dad and brother. She only characterized a betrayal of trust and support.

The “storm” represented oncoming trouble. I got left behind, but I believe that was the plan. The white tiger represented the Spirit of Yahuah coming to defend. The white tiger did not have stripes which represents a righteous or unblemished judgment. Basically, so others would know who is actually behind what’s to come.

The drunkard…wait for it…represented the jezebel spirit. I was shocked when Yah revealed what is actually behind that evil spiritual influence. People being controlled by that spirit only have the power YOU GIVE THEM. They can not function on their own and carry the stench of vagrancy with them.

A courtyard, in dreams, is a place of refuge. The shape is relevant to material or spiritual concerns like a manifestation of spiritual energy in a difficult situation. It can also denote material wealth and positive change.

The meaning of the dream: A storm (disaster) is coming.

Over the last several  months, I’ve been dismayed with people interfering with my life. The two people in the dream, represents two people in my life that have worked against me trying to sabotage and control my destiny. People are constantly interfering when God uses me to reach someone. Everyone in the last three years guilty of bearing false witness, sabotaging, or mistreating me, trouble is headed your way.

Although there are many, I’m speaking directly to two people: One, in regards to my book; The other, my privacy. The judgement that is upon you is for interfering. Yahuah has no stake in disciplining you for any other reason since He has turned you over to reprobate mind. In other words, you don’t belong to Him. The work you are pursuing is for professional success that He wants no parts of. You HUFF and PUFF around, but you have no God-given power.  He let you go a long time ago and when it comes to I, you can’t do what you want.

“The hired hand is not the Shepherd and does not own the sheep. So, when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then, the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.”—John 10

My book and personal transition was 38 years in the making. And you thought it’d be okay to repurpose a work that you didn’t inspire, write, or suffer to produce. You took my intellectual property and built sermons motivational speeches around what Yah told me to share. What happened to YOUR catalog of books? Or, better yet, the bible?

You are to NEVER touch my work again. You don’t represent me or Yahuah. We don’t share the same philosophy, so I’m confused as to why you went for my book when there are millions of other biblical works from theologians you could have analyzed?

In addition, you twisted, mocked, and repurposed my words for your own glory. You thought because God inspired it, it was up for grabs. No, you tried to circumvent His plan to raise me up and become influential. Now, you stand in Yahuah’s judgment. You can’t fool Him no matter what you do.

It was and still is His will for me to bring the truth and share His wisdom with others through our personal relationship.

Yahuah will render your judgment openly just like you did my life. Judgment will not depart from your House, until there is repentance.

What angers me the most is that I didn’t receive credit for MY work. Actually, it’s a blessing. When a person is acting in love, they don’t mind sharing the spotlight. There are people out there that hang on to everything a person say’s and does, to see what they can take for themselves. SELFISH. But, brand themselves from here to Timbuktu, in order to reap all the return of their intellectual property. Am I naïve to think that my work doesn’t spark inspiration? Absolutely not. However, when I write, I attribute a person’s thoughts back to them.

You offended me, and I openly rebuke you. Whosever rewards evil for good, evil will not depart from his House.

God raised up a fighter and prophet in me. There is absolutely nothing you can do about who He decides to raise up. His plans for me haven’t changed.

“For jealousy and selfishness are not God’s kind of wisdom. Such things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic.”—James 3:15

I know I’ve said a lot about myself, but surprisingly, it’s not solely about me at all.  You sold yourself out long, long ago and will do whatever it takes to bring forth the enemy’s agenda. Now, the entire operation will be detonated. Sad. You didn’t start off this way.

“…but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.”—Mark 4:19

It’s one thing to be caught up in something and can’t figure a way out. It’s another thing to stop a person from helping others get out.

A month ago, I posted a blog openly rebuking a stalker. I removed the post, not because I cowered back in fear and shame like some of you thought. God instructed me to let Him takeover. The reason why I stated that God was dealing with me was because when I get angry all people see is me. Yah gets no glory when people think it’s me.

I received a lot of outside backlash from that post. I perceived his behavior was justified by those around him, although I truthfully explained what happened.

Slander is openly spreading lies against someone, not publicly telling the truth. Maybe, I misinterpreted the conversations. I’ve never spoken to this person face-to-face, over the phone, shared a ride, or visited his home. It was only several written messages, over two years, posted to a public forum. Thousands of people posted to the same forum. Were they followed, monitored, or stalked? If he felt like I was putting him in danger by posting to a public forum, a simple request to stop would suffice. The truth is, I never entertained this person in a personal setting. Everything was done publicly. Moreover, I stopped sharing messages in 2012 or 2013. However, the monitoring didn’t stop.

My intentions were to help him through a rough time of losing his mother by imparting wisdom and laughter through my personal experiences. The same as I do on this blog. However, he countered my intentions with perverse behavior.

Some rushed to his defense. I’m advising everyone to stand down. According to my dream, anyone that steps forward to speak or act against me will face punishment.

As I previously mentioned, this is not about what he did to me or whatever he’s plotting to make me look like a fool and himself the victim—a role he just can’t seem to escape.

He’s messed over many people showing a false representation of himself under the guise of God and righteousness. Nothing about his lifestyle is holy. The foundation of his legacy stands upon deception and manipulation. Whatever, whomever doesn’t submit to his demands and control gets trampled over. He’s spent his career hiding. He will no longer be able to hide behind his goons that work to cover up his transgressions.

Moving on….

When I prayed and fasted about this matter, Yahuah spoke in an audible voice saying “death.” I didn’t know what it was in relation to, but I immediately began to pray for mercy/protection for myself, others in and outside of my family.

Moving on….

It’s hard living out in the open, but it’s a choice that some of us make. As a result, we leave ourselves exposed to ridicule and judgment. Others, sign up for certain lives and don’t know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Just like my “dream” aunt who I expected to look out for me. I was thinking about her, and she was protecting her own self-interest.

Speaking of spiritual gifts…I know this tribute is late, but she’s been on my mind.

In my book, I spoke about a singer near and dear to my heart: Whitney Houston. When I was little, I dreamed of meeting and being just like her. You never really know what’s behind a persons smile. And hers, was a beautiful one.

Whitney was second to NONE.

For anyone that downloaded the book or will in the future, I didn’t speak about her death—even though it happened days before my birthday in 2011. I didn’t want to taint her memory, angelic gift and those she touched with her murder (we’ll have to agree to disagree).

Next year marks the 7th year anniversary to her death. Funny how life comes full circle. I nearly drowned. She “drowned.” Her death was in February. My birth happened in February. She shares a birthday with my Dad. I’m writing about redemption—in fact, her redemption. Her music got me through some dark times in my life. It satisfied me when I had nothing. Actually, that song (I Have Nothing)  came on the other day, while I was drafting this post. Her music, smile, and grace uplifted me.

See, some people think they have the power to act as God. They steal, kill, and destroy fulfilling the agenda of the enemy. However, nothing happens, tragic or otherwise without Yahuah allowing it. Sometimes we can’t wrap our minds around why He lets horrible things manifest. For years, Whitney’s death has weighed heavily upon my heart, for reasons that God kept me alive in order to keep others from drowning.  Too bad, I couldn’t save her. Or, can I still? Life goes on beyond this realm.  It’s never over.

Karma will choke out the enemy.

Live. Bless. Prosper  Trouble. In. The. Sky.


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